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Assistant Manager

Assistant store manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of all aspects of the store including: ordering, merchandising, customer service, and a variety of administrative duties. In addition, the assistant store manager is accountable for promoting and increasing sales through effective merchandising techniques, meeting departmental budgets and providing direction and support to the store staff.

The ideal Assistant Store Manager candidate is a customer service-oriented individual who will possess relevant departmental experience as well as previously demonstrated supervisory skills and the languages to deal with our Asian-ethnic staff and customers. Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Overall management responsibility for the operation of the retail grocery store during the absence of the Store Manager, including store performance, control of cash, inventory and security, customer services and management of staff

  • Track, analyse, and take action to improve store performance by forecasting of weekly/ daily sales goals and meeting or exceeding established goals

  • Communicate sales goals, department performance and sales opportunities with staff to ensure positive results

  • Forecast, schedule and monitor labour to be consistent with store sales and productivity guidelines and wage budgets; create action plan to address cost control issues

  • Support Store Manager with development and direction in the execution of strategies to improve product placement and appearance

  • Monitor display accuracy and appearance to implement promotions

  • Ensure that products are properly displayed and ordered in a manner to maintain in-stock conditions

  • Manage issues relating to store maintenance, cleanliness, safety and sanitation

  • Oversee and monitor handling of cash and accounting

  • Ensure store is secured

  • Prioritize, plan, and coordinate work activities, and manage time and resources so that work objectives are met

  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements and company policies and procedures, including check cashing, security, safety, sanitation, etc.

  • Focus on customer satisfaction and needs, ensure that employees provide customers with superior customer service through use of best practices and communications of the importance of superior customer service

  • Select, train, develop, and manage job performance of store employees, with assistance of other management personnel

  • Provide constructive suggestions and encouragement, set performance expectations, provide honest feedback, and identify assignments to provide others with developmental opportunities

  • Maintain appropriate professional relationship with union officials, and ensure compliance with collective bargaining agreement provisions, if applicable

  • Maintain positive working relationship with direct reports, peers, supervisors, suppliers, and customers effectively handling complex or difficult situations involving others

  • Motivate others to perform the job and work towards common objectives

  • Serve as a role model to others


Two year minimum retail supervisory skills and/ or grocery experience. College degree or higher is preferred. Proficient customer service and leadership skills. Solid understanding of overall store operations. Fast on hands and feet and be able to lift 40 pounds. Flexible working availability. Knowledge of Mandarin, Cantonese or Vietnamese is an asset

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